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Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide to Transforming the Business of Government

TechAmerica Foundation’s Big Data Commission report, Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide to Transforming the Business of Government

  • “Big Data has the potential to transform government and society itself. Hidden in the immense volume, variety and velocity of data that is produced today is new information, facts, relationships, indicators and pointers, that either could not be practically discovered in the past, or simply did not exist before. This new information, effectively captured, managed, and analyzed, has the power to enhance profoundly the effectiveness of government. Imagine a world with an expanding population but a reduced strain on services and infrastructure; dramatically improved healthcare outcomes with greater efficiency and less investment; intensified threats to public safety and national borders, but greater levels of security; more frequent and intense weather events, but greater accuracy in prediction and management…Success in capturing the transformation lies in leveraging the skills and experiences of our business and mission leaders, rather than creating a universal Big Data architecture. It lies in understanding a specific agency’s critical business imperatives and requirements, developing the right questions to ask, understanding the art of the possible, and taking initial steps focused on serving a set of clearly defined use cases. The experiences and value gained in these initial steps lead to more questions, more value, and an evolutionary expansion of Big Data capability that continually leverages prior investments.”
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