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Designing for the Future – The Post-Pandemic Library

Ditto Press – “The past year frayed the fabric of American life. Our civil society fractured, as citizens living side by side consumed vastly different information streams. Patent untruths and conspiracy theories flourished in the mainstream. Our civic dialogue broke down more than at any time since Reconstruction. In the midst of ongoing turmoil, libraries must still plan for the future. For some, this means reorganizing and reopening. Others must prepare for renovations or new construction in the face of grave uncertainties. Nobody knows — or can know — what the patron of 2022 wants. Will our struggles today will lead us to greater comity or further division? These questions remain unsettled. Essential services still move forward, however. Scheduled renovations must be planned. New libraries cannot wait for society to settle before they are built. In this article, we examine seven fundamental issues that libraries confront as they plan for the future and how these affect library space planning and design…”

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