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DHS OIG Assessment on Terror Watch List

Department of Home Security, Office of Inspector General, Office of Technology report: DHS Challenges in Consolidating Terrorist Watch List Information (54 pages, PDF, redacted).

  • “DHS is not playing a lead role in consolidating terrorist watch list information…DHS offcials said that the new department lacked the resources and infrastructure to assume leadership for the consolidation…Effective use of information technology (IT) is fundamental for the federal government to accomplish its counterterrorism mission. For example, compiling automated data on potential or known terrorists to check against the names of foreigners entering or already present in the U. S. is one critical means of protecting the homeland.”
  • For reference, see the December 2, 2003 Markle Foundation Task Force on National Security in the Information Age report, Creating a Trusted Network for Homeland Security (173 pages, PDF)
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