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Digital Privacy Does Matter to You

Anonymone Labs: “At this moment, there is a copy of every unencrypted email, text, photo, gif or emoji you have ever sent in your digital life. These copies are stored under your name/identity in the national data storage facility operated by the U.S. National Surveillance Agency. (One of the newest and largest of these is local to us here at Anonyome Labs—the Utah Data Center.) What this also means is that every unencrypted email, text, or photo you chose to delete after sending or receiving, still exists in this databank as if it were never deleted; deleting only erases it from your device. If you want to see what is in your NSA file, there is currently no clear-cut process in place to obtain your file and no enforced legal obligation for the NSA to give you records of that file. If you used commercial cell phone service or the internet to “deliver” these personal notes and letters to your contacts via text message or email, it is considered that the moment you did you gave tacit consent (even if you didn’t know it) to surrender your privacy and thus ownership of your most intimate or mundane thoughts, conversations, and memories. Many have accepted our current digital reality as just a necessity of living in a post-9/11 world, but there is more to consider in this conversation than is typically laid out in the discussion of privacy…”

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