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Divided by Design Findings from the American South

“Incubated at Emerson Collective and led by former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, E Pluribus Unum is an initiative created to fulfill America’s promise of justice and opportunity for all by breaking down the barriers that divide us by race and class….What We’ve Learned – we’ve coded every word of what we’ve heard to help add context to our key takeaways. This data plus our existing knowledge has resulted in 15 insights across three main categories. These insights are impactful, are supported by third-party data and can be backed up with context from real-life conversations we’ve had along our travels…”

…While our initial travels are complete, our journey continues. Moving forward, the E Pluribus Unum team will both create and amplify creative solutions for finding common ground by cultivating courageous leadership, changing narratives that perpetuate systemic and interpersonal racism, and championing transformative policy change, ultimately proving the American motto that ‘out of many, one’ ⁠— and we are better for it. Download Full Report

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