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DOD declassified media library will be available online within 5 years

GCN – John Breeden II: “The Department of Defense manages a huge library of photographs and other media that has been declassified. But accessing that information, some of which dates back to World War II, isn’t easy to do. That will change within the next five years as T3Media uses its enterprise-scale video management platform to bring the entire library online. “By leveraging T3Media’s enterprise-scale video management platform and T3 Library Manager product, we’re able to open up the DOD archive for a wider range of uses and focus on our mission — to serve as the official DOD visual information records center,” said Michael Edrington, director of the Defense Imagery Management Operations Center. DIMOC integrates and synchronizes DOD imagery and centrally manages its visual information media in support of the department and the National Archives and Records Administration.  The DOD library comprises over a million photos, videos, audio logs and documents. The variety of media ranges from wartime footage and photographs of personnel and military equipment to World War II audio communications and instructional military videos. According to the original statement of objective, the government’s physical media holdings include:

  • 30,000 unique images within the collection of the Chief of Naval Operations, which is primarily housed on compact disk.
  • 600,000 unique images within the collection of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, which contains multiple still formats, including 35mm negatives and positives, B&W and color negatives, and 3-by-5-inch and 8-by-10-inch prints.
  • 1,775 unique productions (average running time 20 minutes).
  • Approximately 1.2 million digital images from more recent operations.”

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