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DOJ OIG Report Documents FBI Underreporting Use of National Security Letter

The Blotter (ABC News): “The FBI repeatedly failed to follow the strict guidelines of the Patriot Act when its agents took advantage of a new provision allowing the FBI to obtain phone and financial records without a court order, according to a report to be made public Friday by the Justice Department’s Inspector General.”

  • A Review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Use of National Security Letters (Unclassified), March 2007
  • Statement of the Attorney General: “The Attorney General commends the work of the Inspector General in uncovering serious problems in the FBI’s use of NSLs. He has told the Director that these past mistakes will not be tolerated and has ordered the FBI and the Department to restore accountability and to put in place safeguards to ensure greater oversight and controls over the use of national security letters.”
  • Department of Justice Statement on Inspector General’s Report on National Security Letters: “…the OIG found no deliberate or intentional misuse of authorities, whether NSL statutes or Attorney General Guidelines. Nevertheless, the OIG review identified several areas of inadequate auditing and oversight of these vital investigative tools, as well as inappropriate processes, and these are findings of significant concern. As a result, Director Mueller is implementing reforms to the process designed to correct those deficiencies identified – with accountability. Those steps include strengthening internal controls, changing policies and procedures to improve oversight of the NSL approval process, barring certain practices identified in the Inspector General’s report, and ordering an expedited inspection.”
  • A Review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Use of Section 215 Order for Business Records (Unclassified), March 2007
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