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DOJ OIG Report on Use of Polygraph Examinations in the DOJ

September 18, 2006 – Reports Encompassing More Than One DOJ Component – Use of Polygraph Examinations in the Department of Justice, Evaluations and Inspections Report I-2006-008, September 2006.

  • “The Department of Justice (Department) and several of its components use and conduct polygraph examinations for a variety of administrative and investigative uses. In this Office of the Inspector General (OIG) review, we examined the polygraph programs in the Department and its components, including the components’ management and use of polygraph examinations, the Department’s policies governing the use of polygraph examinations, and the oversight mechanisms for ensuring that the components conduct and use polygraph examinations in accordance with established professional and technical standards. In this report, we do not make recommendations regarding the Department’s polygraph use; rather, for informational purposes, we provide a detailed description of how polygraphs are used throughout the Department.”
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