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Domestic Telephone Surveillance Documents Add to Controversy

Follow-up to recent postings, EFF Can Use Critical AT&T Documents in Surveillance Lawsuit and Does Domestic Telephone Surveillance Violate Communications Act?, today Wired published Whistle-Blower’s Evidence, Uncut [note related link, 29 pages, PDF, documenting domestic surveillance program activities and technical descriptions]
Related news and documents:

  • Studs Terkel, Other Prominent Chicagoans Join Together to Challenge AT&T Sharing of Telephone Records with the National Security Agency
  • Press release: FCC Refuses to Investigate NSA Program, Predicting Likely Administration Road Blocks – “Today the watchdog agency that oversees the country’s telecommunications industry refused to investigate the nation’s largest phone companies’ reported disclosure of phone records to the NSA.” [Copy of FCC Response, May 22, 2006]
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