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eBooks vs Printed Books: Which are better?

leverage edu: “Books give us solace when the going gets hard. Opening up hundreds of worlds as the pages flip, books are a secret door to an undiscovered place. Do the pages flip or are swiped? With the advent of technology, printed books are both the only format available to readers worldwide. ebooks have taken the world by a storm since their inception and continue to enthrall readers with various advantages. But the debate over which is better, ebook vs printed books hasn’t come to an end and as days pass, becomes harder. Picking one over the other can be a nerve-wracking dilemma and the conflict of ebooks vs printed books seems nowhere near ending. This blog is an attempt to pitch one against the other and see the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you are one of those million readers facing the problem, join the club and read this blog to make a satisfactory pick…”

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