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Econ Stats: The Economic Statistics and Indicators Database

“Welcome to the beta version of Econ Stats, the Economic Statistics Database service provided by…Finding accurate and update economic statistics can be a considerable challenge. Multiple different intergovernmental agencies, national governments and analysts continuously update figures that are calculated and presented in a multitude of different ways. These include Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment, inflation, interest rates, currency exchange rates, trade figures, money, supply and pricing for everything from houses to uranium. In all, over 1,000 economic indicators exist for the roughly 250 countries and geographic, economic or political country blocs that exist. These indicators are tracked on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis for the most part, although some indicators such as stock market valuations and currency exchange rates fluctuate continuously during market opening times. This is the second update to our beta service, in which we have taken the latest available data from all sources, including the first half 2009 update of WEO data from the IMF. We have consolidated data series display for country economic indicators, to show on one consolidated page for that country/ indicator pairing, for all years of data. We have also expanded the range of indicators on display.”

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