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EFF Sues Telecom Company for Allegedly Providing NSA With Massive Customer Database

Press release: “The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T Tuesday, accusing the telecom giant of violating the law and the privacy of its customers by collaborating with the National Security Agency (NSA) in its massive and illegal program to wiretap and data-mine Americans’ communications…In the lawsuit, EFF alleges that AT&T, in addition to allowing the NSA direct access to the phone and Internet communications passing over its network, has given the government unfettered access to its over 300 terabyte “Daytona” database of caller information—one of the largest databases in the world.”

  • Copy of the complaint (28 pages, PDF)
  • Related commentary, a white paper, and references:

  • Bush And His Critics Miss The Point, by Stuart Taylor Jr., National Journal, January 30, 2006
  • ACLU White Paper, January 31, 2006 – Eavesdropping 101: What Can The NSA Do?: “The NSA has gained direct access to the telecommunications infrastructure through some of America’s largest companies; The agency appears to be not only targeting individuals, but also using broad “data mining” systems that allow them to intercept and evaluate the communications of millions of people within the United States.”
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