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EFF Surveys Major Tech Companies' Privacy and Transparency Policies

News release: “As you search the Internet, visit websites, and update your social media accounts, you entrust a wealth of data to service providers: your thoughts, your photos, your location, and much more. What happens when the government wants access to all of this information, held by companies like Google and Facebook and AT&T? Will these providers help you fight back against unfair demands for data about your private life? Today the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) releases its third annual report, Who Has Your Back?, which looks at major technology service providers’ commitment to users’ rights in the face of government data demands. EFF’s report examines 18 companies’ terms of service, privacy policies, advocacy, and courtroom track records, awarding up to six gold stars for best practices in categories like “require a warrant for content,” “tell users about government data demands,” and “publish transparency reports.”

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