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EIA initiates daily gasoline availability survey for metropolitan New York

New York City Metropolitan Area Retail Motor Gasoline Supply Report

  • “As of Sunday, Nov. 4, based on EIA’s emergency survey of gasoline availability, EIA estimates that 27% of gasoline stations in the New York metropolitan area did not have gasoline available for sale. This is a sharp decrease from the estimated 67% on Friday. This number includes stations that reported no gasoline available and those EIA could not reach after numerous attempts, and consequently assume that the stations were closed. The estimates reported here are a composite for the entire New York City metropolitan area. Hurricane Sandy affected different parts of the region in different ways. So the composite numbers may not reflect the specific experience of more severely affected areas like coastal New Jersey, Staten Island, and parts of Long Island. Of the stations sampled, 73% (up from 33% Friday) had gasoline available for sale, none reported they were not selling gasoline because they had no power (compared to 3% on Friday), 10% reported having power but no gasoline supplies (same as Friday), and 17% (down from 53% Friday) did not respond to attempts to contact them.”
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