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Election Night 2020 could go on for weeks just look at the primaries

Washington Post: “If you hope to settle in to watch the Nov. 3 results, you may want to make other plans. During this year’s Democratic primaries, it took days, and sometimes weeks, for the bulk of votes to get counted. Before the pandemic struck, mail-in states like California were already counting slowly. Then the coronavirus forced dozens of states to quickly expand absentee voting, and the slowdowns got more dramatic. These two trends — more absentee voting, not much time to prepare for it — could lead to some snail’s-paced race calls in November. These charts show how long it took for presidential primary ballots to be counted in each state. We aren’t including caucuses (you may remember Iowa’s fiasco) because that method of voting won’t occur in November. Let’s start with New Hampshire, which held the nation’s first primary…”

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