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Electronics TakeBack Coalition: Extended Producer Responsibility

“Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) (also called “Producer Takeback”) is a product and waste management system in which manufacturers – not the consumer or government – take responsibility for the environmentally safe management of their product when it is no longer useful or discarded. When manufacturers take responsibility for the recycling of their own products they:

  • Use environmentally safer materials in the production process
  • Consume fewer materials in the production process
  • Design the product to last longer and be more useful
  • Create safer recycling systems
  • Are motivated to keep waste costs down
  • No longer pass the cost of disposal to the government and the taxpayer
  • Do we have Producer Responsibility in the US? Some companies are taking responsibility voluntarily for their old products. While we don’t have a national policy requiring producer responsibility, many States are passing laws requiring it within their states. Learn more about state legislation.”

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