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Emerging Cyber Threats Report 2016 – Impact of The Internet of Things

Georgia Institute of Technology Cybersecurity Summit 2015– “The intersection of the physical and digital world continued to deepen in 2015. The adoption of network- connected devices and sensors — the Internet of Things — accelerated and was expected to reach nearly 5 billion devices by the end of the year. The collection and analysis of big datasets shed light on a variety of subjects, from profiling consumers’ buying habits to forecasting the loss of Arctic ice. Companies, from Google to Apple to traditional car makers, focused greater efforts on creating autonomous vehicles with a near-term goal of a driverless car on the road by 2020. These trends continue despite obvious dangers. Ever-present devices and online tracking allow us to measure our activities, but give other third-parties unprecedented access to monitor those same habits. Automated systems are increasingly removing humans from operational loops, making everything from driving cars to diagnosing diseases less prone to human error, but at the same time, requiring that each device be trusted — a technology safeguard that does not yet fully exist. Attackers have shown that these dangers are not just theoretical. Online espionage groups exploited the trust relationship between two background-check suppliers and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), leading to the exfiltration of perhaps the most significant cache of U.S.-focused intelligence to date. Two security researchers hacked a GMC Jeep Cherokee while a journalist was driving, resulting in a government-mandated recall of 1.5 million cars. To understand the dangers posed by our increasingly digital world, we need to study and define both the potential problems and necessary solutions. The annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit (GTCSS) on Oct. 28, 2015 provided an opportunity for experts from academia, private industry and government agencies to come together and prepare for the challenges we face in securing an ever-more complex society. This is the 13th year that the Georgia Institute of Technology has hosted the event to support efforts to develop bold, new technologies and strategies that ensure the safety and security of government, industry and individuals..”

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