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Employee experiences of enterprise software have huge impact on user adoption

Tech Republic: “A Gartner survey of professionals who use tech products and services in their day-to-day work reveals that 60% report being frustrated with business software in the past 24 months. Those very same users, the report said, can kick off a word-of-mouth chain reaction that influences software adoption across an entire company. The Gartner survey of non-tech professionals found that it’s common for users to share their opinions of software with those around them. Forty-two percent said that they’ve complained to peers after a negative, and the same percentage also reported that experience to IT.  Positive feelings are still shared, though not as frequently: 38% said they have recommended apps to peers after a good experience. In addition, 10% said they share their opinions in the form of software reviews on social media or other websites, and 25% said they share their experiences with their managers. In addition to having increased influence over purchasing and adoption rates, the study also found that 24% of users said their IT teams let them choose most of the software they use, which Gartner research vice president Craig Roth describes as “the democratization and consumerization of IT,” which has “resulted in employees who have more discretion over what software they use and how they use it,” Roth said. Far from being a problem, Roth said, this study can serve as a barometer by which to gauge how users respond to new software. ” IT needs to understand that users can and will resist using software that annoys them. But they can also be your best advocates if treated well,” Roth said…”

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