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Employers are setting rules on home offices. Yes, the one in your home.

Tech Republic: “Earlier this month, Gartner published a report outlining a number of “gaps” in perception among company leaders and employees regarding the “future employee experience.” The findings detail a number of areas where employee sentiment about work operations and communication are not aligned with executive perceptions. Overall, 66% of employees felt they had the required technology to “effectively work remotely,” compared to the vast majority of executives (80%). Similarly, 76% of executives felt as though the company has “invested in providing them with resources that allow them to work the way they would onsite in a virtual environment,” yet only 59% of employees agreed with this. Additionally, 50% agreed that company leadership has “expressed a preference for work conditions to return to their pre-pandemic model,” compared to 71% of respondent executives, These figures illustrate rather marked divides between these two groups. So, what are some of the reasons to explain this? “The simplest answer is that workers have different needs from executives – and I might go as far as saying that they have greater needs than executives, as [it] relates specifically to the resources that enable them to work from home productively – and these needs might not be fully understood by employers yet,” said Alexia Cambon, research director in the Gartner HR practice…At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the shift to remote work, the initial focus for many companies was ensuring business continuity. Entering year two of remote work, organizations are starting to establish rules for home office setups. While company rules regarding the appearance and functionality of spaces inside their own homes may seem intrusive, there are legalities and insurance concerns to bear in mind…”

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