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End of Term Presidential Harvest 2020

“The Library of Congress, Internet Archive, University of North Texas Libraries, George Washington University Libraries, Stanford University Libraries, EDGI, and the U.S. Government Publishing Office have joined together for a collaborative project to preserve public United States Government web sites at the end of the current presidential administration ending January 20, 2021. This harvest is intended to document federal agencies’ presence on the World Wide Web during the transition of Presidential administrations and to enhance the existing collections of the partner institutions. In this collaboration, the partners will structure and execute a comprehensive harvest of the Federal Government .gov domain. The Internet Archive will crawl broadly across the entire .gov domain. The University of North Texas and others will supplement and extend the broad comprehensive crawl with focused, in-depth crawls based on prioritized lists of URLs, including social media. This dual-edged approach seeks to capture a comprehensive snapshot of the Federal government on the Web at the close of the current administration. Harvested content from previous End of Term Presidential Harvests is available at…”

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