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Enriching Europeana: new EuropeanaTech Task Force report

Antoine Isaac, Juliane Stiller – EuropeanaPro“Today we’re pleased to publish the report from the EuropeanaTech Task Force on Evaluation and Enrichment. Semantic metadata enrichments can be hugely beneficial for searching Europeana in different languages and adding context to resources accessible via Europeana. Add enrichments that are incorrect or ambiguous, however, and the benefits can be reversed, spreading errors across multiple languages and harming the retrieval performance. A report from a previous EuropeanaTech Task Force on Multilingual Enrichment in 2014 has already explored some of these problems…First, we drew a broad picture of automatic and manual semantic enrichment of metadata in Europeana. We refined what we mean by semantic enrichment, taking the different notions around it into account. We created an overview of the enrichment tools and services developed in the Europeana Network over recent years, reflecting the diversity of different processes which have been investigated and used. From here, we began to think more about how to select suitable datasets for enrichment. You can find our resulting selection criteria for target datasets and examples of their application in a separate companion document to the main report, making them easy for others to refer to in the future…”

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