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EPA 2021 TRI Preliminary Dataset

“The 2021 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) preliminary dataset contains data about chemical releases, waste management and pollution prevention activities that took place during 2021 at more than 20,000 federal and industrial facilities across the country. The TRI preliminary dataset is available each July through September, giving the public access to the most recent TRI information, prior to EPA finalizing the National Analysis dataset in October. EPA publishes the National Analysis report, based on the October dataset, early the following calendar year. The data are available below. Dataset Status:

  • Includes reporting forms processed as of: July 20, 2022
  • Estimated percentage complete: 98% (compared to the complete 2020 National Analysis dataset)

You can use the TRI preliminary dataset to:

  • Identify how many TRI facilities operate in a certain geographic area (for example, a ZIP code),
  • Identify which chemicals are being managed by TRI facilities and in what quantities, and
  • Find out if a particular facility initiated any pollution prevention activities in the most recent calendar year.
  • EPA will update the dataset several times in August and September based on information from facilities. EPA plans to publish the quality-checked 2021 dataset in October 2022.”

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