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EPA: A New Approach to Protecting Drinking Water and Public Health

Drinking Water Strategy Fact Sheet: “EPA is seeking a new approach to expand public health protection for drinking water by going beyond the traditional framework that addresses contaminants one at a time. The Agency is initiating a national conversation to identify better ways to address contaminants in groups, improve drinking water technology, and more effectively address potential risks to give Americans greater confidence in the quality of their drinking water.
EPA will focus on four principles that will provide greater protection of drinking water. The four principles are:

  • Address contaminants as a groups rather than one at a time so that enhancement of drinking water protection can be achieved cost-effectively.
  • Foster development of new drinking water technologies to address health risks posed by a broad array of contaminants.
  • Use the authority of multiple statutes to help protect drinking water.
  • Partner with states to share more complete data from monitoring at public water systems (PWS).”

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