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Erase or destroy? Governments spend millions to get rid of sensitive data and replace the hardware

Tech Republic: “Government organizations could save millions of dollars by recycling and reusing solid-state drives (SSDs) instead of destroying hardware to protect sensitive data. That’s the recommendation from the Blancco Technology Group’s report on data management methods. The report, “The Price of Destruction: Exploring the Financial and Environmental Costs of Public Sector Device Sanitization,” found that many organizations have recycling plans in place but are not implementing them. The study is based on survey data from 596 government IT leaders in nine countries. The survey found that the governments and public sector organizations represented spend as much as $17 million every year on the physical destruction of solid-state drives. The same organizations spend another $40 million to replace the devices for a total of $57 million. The costs of destroying SSDs and replacing is between $6.9 and $7.3 million for the U.S. and between $6.4 and $6.9 million for the U.K…”

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