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ERC's Supplemental Reports on Workplace Ethics Now Available

Ethics Resource Center: Latest National Business Ethics Supplemental Reports on Workplace Ethics

  • September 2010: Reporting: Who’s Telling You What You Need to Know, Who Isn’t, and What You Can Do About It – “The study finds that when it comes to employees reporting misconduct on the job – an important measure of an ethical workplace culture – women and nonunion workers tend to get the gold star and that an immediate supervisor, not a hotline, is likely to be the go-to point of contact.”
  • August 2010: Retaliation: The Cost to Your Company and Its Employees – “Fear of retaliation for speaking up about ethical violations in the workplace not only affects whether workers are willing to report wrongdoing to management, it drives the level of misconduct itself…”
  • July 2010: Ethics and Employee Engagement – “A study of workplace data collected by the Ethics Resource Center indicates that employees tend to respond to an ethical culture with improved company loyalty and a willingness to “go the extra mile” for their employer. The report suggests that “employee engagement is heavily influenced by factors that have nothing to do with money…”

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