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EU Financial Stability Review June 2010

News release: “Many euro area large and complex banking groups (LCBGs) returned to modest profitability in 2009, and their financial performances strengthened further in the first quarter of 2010. These developments, together with a bolstering of their capital buffers to well above pre-crisis levels, suggest that most of these institutions have made important progress on the road to financial recovery. The broad-based enhancement of shock-absorption capacities during 2009 meant that systemic risks for the financial system dissipated to some extent and risks within the financial sector became more institution-specific in character. Indeed, the dependence of the financial system, especially of large institutions, on government support and the enhanced credit support measures of the Eurosystem tended to wane. That said, the profitability performances of some large financial institutions in receipt of government support remained relatively weak.”

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