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EU – Surveying how European workplaces have managed in the economic downturn

“(Dublin, Ireland) In 2009, more than 60% of employees in Europe were covered by a trade union or a works council at the workplace, according to the European Company Survey. At the same time, four out of five workplaces were found to have a good work climate. This week across 32 countries, Eurofound launches the fieldwork for the new edition of European Company Survey, aimed at providing insights to changes in workplace and human resource management practices, employee participation and social dialogue at the workplace, and performance, since the inset of the economic downturn…European companies play a crucial role in getting out of the crisis and in reaching the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy for sustainable, inclusive and smart growth. The European Company Survey (ECS) gives an overview of workplace practices and how they are negotiated in European establishments. It is based on the views of both managers and employee representatives, and it is designed to provide information on workplace practices to develop and evaluate socioeconomic policy…Information and research data from the Second European Company Survey (2ECS) are available.”

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