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‘Exit Counselors’ Strain To Pull Americans Out Of A Web Of False Conspiracies

NPR – “…Experts see this spread of disinformation as a public health emergency that’s threatening democracy, increasing the risk of further violence, and straining family relationships. It’s also taxing a bevy of “deprogrammers” who are trying to help. More commonly referred to as “exit counselors” or “de-radicalizers,” they help people caught up in cultic ideologies to reconnect with reality. “I’ve probably got almost a hundred requests in my inbox,” says Diane Benscoter, who’s been helping people untangle from extremist ideologies since the 1980s, after she herself was extricated from the Unification Church, commonly known as the Moonies. She recently founded a non-profit, to run Al-Anon style recovery and support groups for the unduly influenced and their loved ones. There’s no end to the need for those kinds of services, Benscoter says…”

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