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Expert – PGP leaks metadata and is not secure

Via Motherboard – Pssst, Your PGP Is Leaking: “Ever since the Snowden revelations, more and more people have been educating themselves on how to use encryption. One of the first programs people might turn to is Pretty Good Privacy, or PGP, a version of which was thrust further into the public consciousness when it was explicitly credited in Citizen Four, Laura Poitras’ documentary on the National Security Agency and her meeting with Snowden. But what users might not know is that messages encrypted using PGP leak a wealth of data about their senders and recipients, possibly allowing a well-resourced attack to map out who a target is sending secret messages to. In a talk at Usenix Enigma, a new security conference, Nicholas Weaver from the International Computer Science Institute explained the general technical details behind the NSA’s mass surveillance systems, and touched upon a number of problems with PGP.”

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