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Explanation of Open Source Open Networking And SDN

John Fruehe via Forbes/Tech: “Open source is well understood in the software world, as it has helped accelerate IT and bring business advantages by accelerating new solutions and lowering costs—especially around cloud computing. Open networking and software-defined networking (SDN) both promise to bring the benefits of open source to the world of networking, but is this something that your company can benefit from now? When we talk to customers (and even those in the industry), there is a general sense of confusion about what “open” means in terms of networking. There is of course open source in the world of networking, along with an explicit open networking movement that is about opening up the solutions, but not necessarily giving them away as open source does. Then to add one more ingredient to the idea of “open” in networking, software-defined networking (SDN) comes along to “open up networking”. Great, now most customers are confused.”

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