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Explore a detailed view of the Mueller report

“The Axios Visuals team pored over the Mueller report and categorized each passage of the text to note what events, people, organization and places are mentioned. We ended up categorizing over 2,500 bits of text, and found over 400 unique entities. How it works: Want to see how many times former White House counsel Don McGahn pops up? Or the part where Mueller tosses the ball to Congress? Use the search tool and you can find anything you need. (Except the redacted parts. Sorry.)…This interactive graphic from Axios Visuals shows a categorized view of the Mueller report: Each passage is tagged, so you can find and count each reference to people, places and things…”

See also via Politico Magazine – The Surprises in the Mueller Report – “So what did we really learn about Trump, Russia and the power of the presidency? Some of the nation’s top legal minds unpack the document of the decade….’‘The report did not exonerate the president’…”

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