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In Custodia Legis – Library of Congress: “We are excited to start adding the volumes of the Congressional Record (Bound Edition) (also referred to as the “Bound Congressional Record”) to If you’re not familiar with the Congressional Record, it is a record of the debate and proceedings that occur on the floor of Congress. It is published in two different ways. The Daily Edition of the Congressional Record is paginated by day within a section. The sections of the Daily Edition include a summary of the day’s proceedings called the Daily Digest, as well as  sections for the House and Senate, and a section known as the Extension of Remarks, in which members of the House publish additional statements that were not actually delivered on the House floor. The Bound Congressional Record is compiled later. Each volume corresponds to a session of Congress, is broken up into parts by date, and is paginated consecutively. We will be releasing the finding aids for the Bound Congressional Record in the future, such as the Daily Digest, History of Bills, and index, which are usually found in the last part of the Bound Congressional Record for a given year…”

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