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Facebook privacy tool gives users more info on how they are tracked

USAToday: “It’s been way overdue. But Facebook has finally released a long-promised tool that could give you more control over how the social network traces your path across the web. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the global availability of this “Off-Facebook Activity” tool in a blog post Tuesday on Data Privacy Day. It’s part of an effort to fix and rewrite Facebook’s poor scandal-riddled narrative on privacy.  Facebook exploits information that businesses routinely share with Facebook about your activities when you’re beyond the virtual corridors of the social network to serve up ads customized to your interests. They use such business-oriented tools as Facebook Pixel, the Facebook SDK and the Facebook Login. But you need not sign into a site or app through Facebook Login for a business to share an interaction with Facebook. Other triggers include opening an app, adding an item to a shopping cart or making a donation. The Off-Facebook Activity tool that is now available across the Facebook network lets you view a summary of such apps and websites and ask Facebook to clear the past information about such activities. With a little bit of extra work, you can also ask Facebook to disassociate your future activity from your account…”

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