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Facing Eviction In The Time Of Coronavirus

Law360: “By the end of this week, courts in at least 39 states will be accepting eviction lawsuits — often heard remotely due to the pandemic — against tenants behind on their rent. People of color, and especially Black women, have historically faced these suits at twice the rate of other renters; they are also twice as likely to report rent insecurity during the pandemic and three times as likely to face COVID-19 infections. This summer, Law360 traveled to Nashville, Tennessee; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Newark, New Jersey, to document the impact different federal, state and local eviction prevention measures are having on three Black households. These are the stories we found.”

See also Notes on the Crisis: “…According to an online survey by the company Apartment List, a devastating 32%of households in their survey reported missing their housing payment in the first week of July. 13% made a partial payment, while 19% made no payment at all.30% of households in their survey missed their June payment but 19% of those households had made their June payment in full by the first week of July. A similar pattern will likely recur this month (but won’t if supplementary unemployment benefits aren’t extended as is). These numbers are likely significantly overstated as it is an online survey, especially for mortgages. However, even a significant fraction of this level of delinquency would be significant distress before pandemic unemployment compensation disappears or is cut…”

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