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Fact Sheet: National Strategy for Information Sharing

“President George W. Bush has issued the first National Strategy for Information Sharing to prioritize and unify the United States’ efforts to advance the sharing of terrorism-related information. The strategy sets forth a plan to build upon the progress that has been made in improving information sharing since the September 11, 2001, attacks and establishes an integrated national information sharing capability. It was developed using a collaborative process and based on significant input provided by members of the Federal Information Sharing Council, as well as state, local, tribal, and private sector officials from across the nation. The new strategy presents a vision for the 58 fusion centers that have been–or are in the process of being–established nationwide. It calls for fusion centers to achieve a baseline of capability and pursue the goal of establishing a ‘national, integrated network of fusion centers to enable the effective sharing of terrorism-related information’ The strategy also promises to support the centers through grant funding and training. Additionally, the document lists core privacy principles that administration officials say require agencies to comply with privacy laws and be proactive in balancing privacy and security concerns.”

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