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FBI Report – America’s Deadly Domestic Extremism Worst In 24 Years

HuffPo: “Killings by American domestic extremists in 2019 were the worst in the nation in 24 years, according to a chilling new report released by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Of the 32 killings by extremists in five separate attacks in 2019 — the most lethal year for domestic extremist assaults since 1995 — 24 were committed by white supremacists, according to the report. “Gamification” — in which attackers seek to “score” a high “kill count” — “inspired” some of the assaults in 2019, and will likely continue to be a factor in future attacks, the report noted. There were 57 deaths linked to domestic extremists from 2017 through 2019, with 47 of them racially motivated, according to the report.

The greatest terrorism threat to the Homeland we face today is posed by lone offenders, often radicalized online, who look to attack soft targets with easily accessible weapons,” the report noted. “Many of these violent extremists are motivated and inspired by a mix of socio-political goals and personal grievances against their targets.” Deaths from domestic extremists in America rose from 2017 to 2019, though former President Donald Trump focused during that time on shutting borders with claims of foreign threats. The threat from domestic extremists is expected to continue to grow…”

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