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FCC Final Rule on Broadband Over Power Lines

  • Federal Register, January 7, 2004, FCC Final Rule, Broadband Power Line Systems – SUMMARY: “This document adopts new requirements and measurement guidelines for a new type of carrier current system that provides access to broadband services using electric utility companies’ power lines. This new technology offers the potential for the establishment of a significant new medium for extending broadband access to American homes and businesses. Given that power lines reach virtually every residence and business in every community and geographic area in this country, Access BPL service could be made available nearly everywhere.”
  • Related references: High Speed Net Connection Over Power Lines May Be Around the Corner, and from the AARL, “The FCC has made public more than 650 pages of technical presentations, correspondence and filings that it says it used in making its decision on the BPL Report and Order in ET Docket 04-37. The Commission adopted new rules to govern so-called Access Broadband over Power Line systems on October 14, but they have not yet become effective. The ARRL subsequently filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that called on the FCC to release any studies the Commission had relied upon in deciding to embrace the technology. Some information contained in the documents has been blanked out or redacted.”
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