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Federal Reserve – Financial Accounts of the United States, Z.1 statistical release

“The Z.1 statistical release, previously named Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States, has been renamed Financial Accounts of the United States. As part of the redesign of the Z.1 release, annual tables for the Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts (IMA) are now included. Previously, the IMA were available in the Flow of Funds Guide. Some series identifiers for data have been changed to make the coding more consistent across instrument categories. In addition, new series have been added while others have been discontinued. A list of these code changes, effective with the release on June 6, 2013, is available online at: A preview of the coded tables is available through the “Z.1 Release Preview” link on this site. For a detailed description of the major changes see the “Release Highlights” page in the Flow of Funds Guide at”

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