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Federal Trade Commission 2023 Privacy and Data Security Update

“The Federal Trade Commission released its Privacy and Data Security Update for 2023 that highlights the FTC’s work to protect consumer privacy and respond to the evolving ways that companies use consumer data such as in the development of artificial intelligence models and misuse of health data. “The FTC is taking bold actions to challenge the indiscriminate collection and monetization of consumers’ data,” said Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “We are securing meaningful remedies to protect consumers’ information, rather than placing the burden on consumers to protect themselves.” The publication highlights the FTC’s privacy and data security work in the last few years. Through 2023, the FTC has brought 97 privacy cases and 169 Telemarketing Sales Rule and CAN-SPAM cases since 1999, as well as 89 data security cases. In addition to its law enforcement work, the agency also has engaged in rulemaking and policy work to push companies to bolster privacy protections for consumers and implement safeguards to secure consumer data.”

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