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Feingold to Introduce Resolution to Censure President

Press release: “U.S. Senator Russ Feingold has announced that he will introduce a resolution (text – in PDF) in the U.S. Senate on Monday to censure the President of the United States. Feingold’s resolution condemns the President’s actions in authorizing the illegal wiretapping program and then misleading the country about the existence and legality of the program. Feingold calls the resolution an appropriate and responsible step for Congress to take in response to the President’s undermining of the separation of powers and ignoring the rule of law.”
The press release referenced above includes the text of a Fact Sheet from U.S. Senator Russ Feingold on his Resolution to Censure the President, which includes the following statements:

  • “The President Broke the Law by Wiretapping Outside of FISA: It Is Illegal to Wiretap Without the Requisite Warrant or Court Order: The law is clear that the criminal wiretap statute and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) “shall be the exclusive means by which electronic surveillance…and the interception of domestic wire, oral, and electronic communications may be conducted.”
  • The President Made Misleading Arguments Defending his Wiretapping Program: Military Force Resolution Did Not Authorize Wiretapping: The President has argued that Congress gave him authority to wiretap Americans on U.S. soil without a warrant when it passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force after September 11, 2001. There is no language in the resolution and no evidence to suggest that it was intended to give the President authority to order these warrantless wiretaps. Warrantless domestic surveillance is not an “incident of war” akin to detaining an enemy soldier on the battlefield as the Administration has argued.”
  • Remarks of Senator Russ Feingold Introducing a Resolution to Censure President George W. Bush, As Prepared, March 13, 2006
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