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Final Report – Defense Science Board Task Force on Trends and Implications of Climate Change on National and International Security

Trends and Implications of Climate Change for National and International Security, November 2011

  • “This report begins with an overview of the impacts of climate change over recent decades while recognizing uncertainty about the pace of future changes. It examines the political consequences of climate change as it relates to national and international security, with special attention to the African continent due to the vulnerability of African nations with high potential to intersect with United States national interests. Within this context, the study examined the roles of the Department of Defense and the national security community writ large in responding to effects of climate change in both the United States and in key areas of the globe. The deliberations of the task force identified the urgent need for clear roles and policies throughout the US government addressing the consequences of climate change and produced a set of recommendations on how the US government can manage the nearterm effects on populations and the longer-term need for adaptation that impacts US and international security interests. The recommendations include specific roles for the Department of Defense in helping both the United States and U.S. Africa Command address these challenges.”
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