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Flipboard joins the fediverse

Flipboard has announced it is joining the fediverse in a major way, by allowing you to interact with Mastodon through their app, as well as setting up their own instance. Reading the language in the blog posts, it is clear that Flipboard sees this not just as a side experiment, but that they are all in on the fediverse. The title of the announcement post by CEO Mike McCue (@mmccue) leaves little to the imagination: “The Future of Flipboard Is Federated”. Flipboard is a news reader app that has been around for a while, and it allows you to ‘flip’ through your posts. You can follow topics, specific timelines, or curated collections by users (‘magazines’). The integration with the fediverse is as follows: You connect your Mastodon account to your Flipboard account, and then read through your timeline from your Flipboard app, in a Flipboard UI. This is currently only available on iOS, with Android coming later.”

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