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Formulate Your Election Night Plans Now – 21 ways to distract yourself on Election Day

Lifehacker: “We don’t know what exactly election night will bring, but it’s unlikely that it will be the same straightforward process that has brought us accurate (if unofficial) results before midnight (almost) every other election cycle. And even if things go smoothly, the night is likely to be contentious and stressful for many of us. So let’s plan now. Get through the day first – Before we even get to election night, we need to get through the day. Perhaps you will be at work, or finding time to vote, or volunteering with get-out-the-vote efforts. If so: let those distract you. Focus on the task to be done. If you have a long empty day stretching out in front of you, make some plans now to give that time some structure. Exercise, meditation, volunteering, and productive activities like errands or even crafts can all help you expend your nervous energy while you’re waiting. If you need to vote, make sure to plan for that too. Double check your registration status and your state’s laws. Decide when you’re doing it and how you will get to the polls. Prepare yourself with information on what to do if you’re turned away; in many cases you can fill out a provisional ballot.

Consciously consider your mindset – While you’re doing all this, you may be tempted to brace for the worst. But it can be helpful to engage in cautious optimism, experts have told us. This way you get the mental benefits of allowing yourself to hope for the best. Explain it to your pessimist side this way: if the worst is going to happen anyway, why not enjoy those positive emotions while you still can…”

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