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Four Ways Leaders Can Empower People for How Work Gets Done

Microsoft: “Fraying supply chains. Economic headwinds. Changing expectations around hybrid work. The rapid transformations of the past few years have fundamentally reshaped work and life as we know them. It’s clear that the agility and resilience of every organization rest on a workforce empowered with tools that enable them to work more efficiently and flexibly than ever before.That shift isn’t about overburdening your teams or deprioritizing innovation. It’s about being more effective, enabling people to do their best work with processes and tools that reduce friction, unlock innovation and creativity, and reduce busywork to help every individual focus on the work that matters most. To take stock of how people feel about the digital productivity tools they use today and those they need to succeed in the future, Microsoft surveyed 2,700 employees and 1,800 business decision makers (BDMs) in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. We asked questions like, Do people feel empowered by the tools they currently have? Are teams equipped to collaborate effectively in a world of flexible work? Can new technology like AI and low-code and no-code tools help solve their challenges and open up new opportunities?9 out of 10 people want simpler ways to automate daily tasks so they can focus on the work that matters. The survey spanned a range of job functions and industries—from marketing, sales, and customer service to finance, supply chain, and IT. This group included hybrid employees: about two-thirds of those surveyed either work from home or only part time in the office. The results offer a window into how technology is helping—and hindering—people today, along with fresh insights into the tools and processes leaders should adopt to help people be more energized, empowered, and productive…”

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