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Future of Work: Requiring workers to return to the office is a ‘doomed approach’

Washington Post: “Slack’s CEO Stewart Butterfield says the future of work is being dictated by workers who want more flexibility and better tech tools. The chief executive and co-founder of Slack — one of the fastest growing work communication tools that was bought by Salesforce earlier this year for $27.7 billion — believes the pandemic has charted a new course for the way we work and employees are dictating much of the terms…Butterfield said he quickly learned that workers could be equally productive and creative working remotely than in-person — a learning that may not have come without the pandemic-fueled closure of the company’s offices last year…For the past two years, Slack has been exploring how to improve the way people work through product development and for its own employees. Last year, it implemented a permanent remote work policy, which it says will help attract top talent and stay competitive in the industry. Slack said it has hired roughly 50% of its workers since the pandemic, and credits its flexible work policy as a differentiator that has helped lure new hires. It also is investing in helping companies create a “digital headquarters,” or the digital space workers go to do their jobs…”

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