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Gallup – U.S. Workers Least Happy With Their Work Stress and Pay

News release, by Lydia Saad: “U.S. workers are the least satisfied with their on-the-job stress and money they make, out of 13 aspects of work conditions rated in Gallup’s annual Work and Education poll. Fewer than a third say they are completely satisfied with each. They are most satisfied with the physical safety conditions of their workplace, followed by their relations with coworkers…Both for the good of individuals and the health of the economy, it is important that workers feel encouraged and connected at work. The good news out of these data is that nearly 7 in 10 U.S. workers report high satisfaction with their fellow employees. Of concern, however, relative to fostering highly engaged workplaces, is that barely half of workers feel the same level of satisfaction with their boss or immediate supervisor.”

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