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Gallup – Workplace Health: Benefits Aren’t Enough

Jim Harter – “A new study conducted by researchers from Harvard and Stanford found that the amount of life lost to a stressful work situation varies significantly by race, ethnicity, education level and gender. They found that in some parts of the U.S., those with less education and lower incomes have up to a 30% difference in life expectancy compared with those with more education and higher incomes. The study authors note that people with lower incomes and less education may have lower life expectancies, likely attributable to less access to healthcare, exposure to pollution, inadequate early life nutrition and healthcare, and health habits such as minimal exercise, a poor diet and smoking. They suggest several policy-oriented variables that workplaces can adjust to achieve healthier work environments for those with less education, including managing hours worked, shift work, health insurance and paid time off…”

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