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GAO Reports – DATA Act, Defense Infrastructure, DOD Excess Personal Property

  • DATA Act: Data Standards Established, but More Complete and Timely Guidance Is Needed to Ensure Effective Implementation, GAO-16-261: Published: Jan 29, 2015. Publicly Released: Jan 29, 2016: “The DATA Act directed OMB and Treasury to establish government-wide data standards by May 2015 to improve the transparency and quality of federal spending data. Agencies must begin reporting spending data in accordance with these standards by May 2017 and must publicly post spending data in machine-readable formats by May 2018. Consistent with GAO’s mandate under the act, this report is part of a series of products that GAO will provide to the Congress as DATA Act implementation proceeds.”
  • Defense Infrastructure: Energy Conservation Investment Program Needs Improved Reporting, Measurement, and Guidance, GAO-16-162: Published: Jan 29, 2016. Publicly Released: Jan 29, 2016: “DOD established ECIP, which funds projects at military installations that are designed to conserve energy or water, generate electricity from renewable sources, promote energy security, or accomplish a combination of these goals. Senate Report 113-174 included a provision that GAO review energy savings from ECIP-funded projects. This report assesses the extent to which DOD has (1) reported anticipated returns on investment or reduced energy use from ECIP-funded projects; (2) found that completed ECIP projects have resulted in cost savings or lower energy use; and (3) developed and implemented a strategic vision for ECIP.”
  • Excess Personal Property: DOD Should Further Reassess the Priorities of Its Disposal Process, GAO-16-44: Published: Jan 29, 2016. Publicly Released: Jan 29, 2016: “Each year the military services identify thousands of items of personal property—including military equipment and materiel—that they need to dispose of because it is obsolete, not repairable, or excess to their requirements. For fiscal year 2014, DOD reported that excess and surplus property with a total original acquisition value of approximately $3.18 billion in nominal dollars was reutilized, transferred, or donated. DOD reported total revenues of almost $128 million from items sold in fiscal year 2014.”

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