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Generative AI and Finding the Law

Callister, Paul D., Generative AI and Finding the Law (December 8, 2023). Available at SSRN: or – “Legal information science requires, among other things, principles and theories. The article states five principles or considerations that any discussion of generative AI large language models and their role in finding the law must include. The article concludes that law librarianship will increasingly become legal information science and require new paradigms. In addition to the five principles, the article applies ecological holistic media theory to understand the relationship of the legal community’s cognitive authority, institutions, techné (technology, medium and method), geopolitical factors, and the past and future to understand the changes in this information milieu. The article also explains generative AI, and finally, presents some examples of generative AI responses to various legal research problems and the issues that present themselves in such circumstances.”

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