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Get a Password Manager Create strong, unique passwords for each account

Consumer Reports – Create strong, unique passwords for each account—and keep them all in a secure place. “Think of a password manager as a secure vault that creates incredibly long, hard-to-crack passwords—a different one for each site or service—and then helps you log in safely and conveniently. To access all those passwords, you enter a master password or passphrase. This is a strong, unique password that you don’t use anywhere else (and, ideally, memorize or store separately from your computer). You may have difficulty accessing your accounts if you lose or forget this master password, so keep it safe!  Consumer Reports tests password managers for their privacy practices and digital security, and how easy they are to use.  Our top-rated password managers are 1Password, Keeper, and Bitwarden. These password managers offer apps for most devices, and can automatically log you in to many sites and apps.  High-risk users may wish to use an offline, or locally stored, password manager, which does not sync passwords between devices or store passwords online. 1Password offers a stand-alone version for a one-time fee…”

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